Kevin Durant is Not a Oklahoma Sooners Fan

I don’t know what possessed KDTrey5 aka KD aka Kevin Durant to tweet his distaste for the home team but he did, and it has some people mad in Oklahoma.

I know you went to school in Texas, grew up in Maryland, but shouldn’t you at least fake it when you are the highest paid professional athlete in the state? To KD’s credit he quietly signed an extension with the club about a year ago so he will probably play his entire career in Oklahoma. They should be grateful he didn’t take his talents to Washington D.C. and quit worrying about what teams he roots for.

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One Response to Kevin Durant is Not a Oklahoma Sooners Fan

  1. Libbi says:

    I tend to agree, Sooner fans should just get over it. I was born and raised here and am in the minority of people who can’t stand OU. It all had to do with the over-hype of Barry Switzer, it all made me want to puke and I have never gotten over it. I can’t fault a boy from TX for not jumping on the band wagon. However, someone in the public eye as much as he is should probably not express those opinions in his (now) home state. At the same time, i am a HUGE Thunder Fan and KD can do (almost) no wrong as far as I am concerned.

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