Why Alejandro Villanueva is the Same “Distraction” as Colin Kaepernick

Updated: September 25, 2017

Let me get this right.

When Colin Kaepernick sat out of the National Anthem apart from his teammates he was ostracized and kicked out of the NFL. And that was okay.

Wait, you triggered conservative alt-right keyboard warriors. Before you guys comment realize that what Kap did is in theory no way different than what Alejandro Villanueva did with the Steelers.

The Steelers wanted to stay out of the protest. Instead of everyone staying in the locker room as planned, Villanueva went out of his way to break the line and display his politics. Yes I know he’s a veteran. I know he served. Guess what? It doesn’t matter here.

This is purely in a football sense. A distraction is a distraction. Right?

For some odd reason Colin Kapernick was repeatedly called a distraction when he went against the team during the anthem and kicked out the league, so why not Alejandro Villanueva? It should be no other way. Right?

We all know the media will not put those labels on Alejandro. And we all know why.

Americans have already ran to buy his jersey and t-shirt. We already see how they going to try to spin this. In many cases, patriotism is just a cover for overt racism. If you don’t agree to make Middle America comfortable you are “against” America in their eyes.

Mike Tomlin’s comments below: