Antonio Cromartie: Veterans Supported Kneeling During National Anthem

Updated: October 20, 2016

Antonio Cromartie was cut by the Colts shortly after taking a knee for human rights during the National Anthem. Several other players are taking knees but Cromartie seems to be the only one who was openly punished. The Colts claim it was a football decision, but Cromartie’s wife says it was because of the knee.

Who knows if Jim Irsay really called for him to be cut but there are quotes out there on Irsay saying athletes need to “entertain and protest elsewhere.”

Let me quote him directly:

“I think it’s the wrong venue,” Irsay said. “It hasn’t been a positive thing. What we all have to be aware of as players, owners, PR people, equipment managers, is when the lights go on we are entertainment. We are being paid to put on a show. There are other places to express yourself.”


What year is this again?

Never mind. On to Cromartie’s Instagram post on the veterans who supported his protest:

They say it’s not the right place or venue to do what is right and stand for what is right. I guarantee that most of the people that’s sending me hate messages don’t even know the top 2 members that are leading in this country in homelessness. Well let me educate you. #1 Veterans #2 Children. But you guys care so much about the people that fought for this country. It’s crazy while I was Indiana I had a chance to talk to some veterans that didn’t have a problem with me taking a knee. Because they understood my reason behind it. I thank them my grandfather and my friends for their support who also served this country. Some of y’all I have to sit back and pray for, Because right now with everything that’s going on in this country and with these two idiots making the presidential debate a reality show and a joke and it’s sad. I pray that we make a change for the better. It starts by being honest with yourself, also by not being blind with what’s going on in our communities and our country. I’ve played this game for 11 years and I am grateful for the opportunity the lord and the @chargers gave me back in 2006. #BeAboutChange #teamcromartie

Much respect. We have to support those that put it ALL on the line for the greater good.

Those lives that were taken mattered.