Jeremy Lane and Eric Reid Join National Anthem Protest

Updated: September 2, 2016

Another day, another athlete is protesting.

Jeremy Lane of the Seahawks and Eric Reid of the 49ers have also decided to sit out the anthem. Colin Kaepernick is a backup QB hanging on to his career in the grand scheme of the NFL but he’s making huge waves socially.

The dialogue that’s going down is a conversation we need to keep happening, not just when another cop takes another innocent life.

How can we be the change?

How can we make our country better for everyone?

Conservative trolls are still trolling online. Lane’s IG has already been attacked by “former” Seahawks fans who are offended that as a black man he has a political opinion that differs from their own.

Just think about that for a second. All of these men clearly respect the military.

However, in the online trolls minds they just cannot make the intellectual leap between the flag representing a country that is supposed to grant freedom and equality for all when obviously it does NOT. This system of inequality is 100% against the spirit of America in the first place.

Do they respect the fact the troops volunteer defend the country internationally? Yes.

Will they stand for the system of inequality that goes on in America? Absolutely not.

How about we just stop equating “respect” with a song written by a slave master altogether?