New Kevin Durant Diss: F*CK KD 2 (@imlilboom)

Updated: July 4, 2016

Two years ago Lil B dropped the first bomb on Kevin Durant with the original ‘F*ck KD’ track. Basedgod wasn’t having any disrespect after Durant called him the wackest rapper. Since then Lil B has cursed and then denounced said curse on KD for obvious reasons.

‘F*ck Steph Curry’ artist Lil Boom has dropped his own diss against a superstar NBA player and seems to not be letting up. After venting his frustration over KD’s choice on social media, Boom went to the lab and cooked up a brand new take on ‘F*ck KD.’

Click to play Lil Boom’s F*ck KD below: