Dikembe Mutombo’s Tweet Proves the NBA Draft is Fixed [Allegedly]

Updated: May 21, 2016

Is the NBA Draft fixed? The NBA says it is not. Of course they do. But here is the thing, year after year the evidence mounts otherwise.

The NBA has a closed room draft lottery in which “witnesses” see the ping pong balls “picked” out to determine the draft process. The witnesses then are sworn to secrecy until the draft lottery is played out on ESPN. Every year for some odd reason at least one top player goes to his hometown team, and some marquee team ends up with a top lottery player as well.

So if it’s not fixed and there is a “process” please explain why Dikembe Mutombo (a legendary 76er and NBA icon) knew the results of the draft before the “process” was carried out? Mind you, he works for the NBA and wasn’t in the room with the ping pong balls….

mutombo tweet

Honest mistake? Yeah… right….


What are your thoughts? How did Mutombo know? HOW SWAY?!