Why the Broncos are Meeting With Paxton Lynch

Updated: April 12, 2016

The Denver Broncos are currently working on finding a quarterback situation for 2016. Currently the team has signed Mark Sanchez and contacted the 49ers about Colin Kaepernick but nothing has been resolved there.

Colin is due about $12 million next year but the Broncos are only willing to pay him $7. Unless the 49ers agree to take on the $5 million difference or Colin agrees to convert that money into incentives he will not be a Bronco. Colin is about his paper and I can’t even hate on him for that. He knows the team is trying to trade him and still showed up to workouts to grab a $400,000 workout bonus. Get your money Kaep.

So what are the Broncos going to do? The draft is an opportunity to find a QB.

According to all reports Denver is looking at Memphis QB Paxton Lynch:

According to multiple reports, Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch was also in for a visit as the Broncos continue doing their homework on this year’s draftable quarterbacks. Dak Prescott of Mississippi State visited last week.


Funny thing is the Broncos were this interested in Nick Foles as well coming out of Arizona. Elway even watched a Wildcats game from the end-zone to get a up close look at Foles. Don’t be surprised if the Broncos trade for Foles if Colin won’t accept that short paper.

I seriously doubt Denver is going to draft Lynch. I’m leaning towards a DE/DT as of now.