Twitter Video Reveals Jaylon Smith’s Unknown Injury

Updated: February 26, 2016

Notre Dame linebacker Jaylon Smith is the subject of today’s NFL draft drama. Recovering from a knee injury, Smith took to twitter to show off his progress. He wanted to show that he was in good spirits and moving freely without pain. The only problem? The video revealed unknown information about his injury status.

One of the NFL’s doctors, Dr. David Chao saw the video and realized that Smith’s brace was actually for nerve damage. The nerve damage was previously unknown. Now it is such a concern Jaylon could slip to the second day:

For the record Dr. Chao’s bio states that he is a “Former NFL head team physician 17+years sideline experience. OrthopedicSurgeon-Real time injury info @SiriusXMSports Medical Analyst.”

A healthy Jaylon Smith is probably the #1 linebacker in his class but the injury will likely cost him millions of dollars in draft position. I hope he has a good agent.