Pittsburgh Steelers 2016 Mock Draft v. III

Updated: February 4, 2016

What should the Steelers do in the upcoming 2016 draft? A lot of fans want to know. The Steelers boast one of the NFL’s best offenses when fully healthy but unfortunately (or fortunately for Broncos fans) that was a rare occurrence in 2015.

Check out twitch333’s mock Steelers 2016 draft:

1. Steelers: Darian Thompson S Boise State

Steelers trade their 1st Rd pick # 25 to the Rams for there two 2nd Rd picks # 43 and 45. At 25 there is no DB worth that pick and in needing more picks make a trade. Now this is smart for the Rams because if they don’t draft a QB at 15 because Treadwell fells to they. Then they get that extra 5 year opt on him. 2nd Rd pick #43: Thompson is a great Saftey. Size and speed is what you want and insurance if they cut Mitchell next year for cap relief. He plays like H.Smith from Vikings just doesn’t lay the boom as much.

2. Steelers: Austin Johnson DT Penn State

2nd Rd pick #45: Austin is a steal at this pick and to hard to pass on. Now pick will be Hunter Henry if the Steelers cut H.Miller this year because of the 7 million they save. Heyward, Tiutt, and Johnson will all look and play alike. Big, young and fast.

3. Steelers: William Jackson CB Houston

2nd Rd pick #58: Steelers will draft some corners in this but reaching for a smaller overrated corner in the late 1st Rd sucks. So why not take someone like a Jackson here at pick 58. He’s a bigger DB at 6′ 2″, good speed for his size , and just as good as the corners they could have got in the first.

4. Steelers: Denver Kirkland OG Arkansas

3rd Rd pick # 89: Kirkland is a great pick here. Maybe a little early but this pick adds depth to the line. He play Tackle this year and struggled but he is a natural Guard. Not to bad at pulling when a counter run is called.

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