Johnny Football Leaks the Three Teams That Want to Sign Him

Updated: February 2, 2016

Johnny Manziel’s stay in Cleveland is up. As per multiple reports across every sports medium, for all intents and purposes the Browns are done with him. When the new league year starts they are going to cut him and move on.

This is good for all parties involved. A clean break is always healthy.

As a sports fan though, I have to wonder where Manziel will end up. We all know that if you have even a half ounce of arm talent the NFL will give you a second chance. This league needs to fill 64 quarterback spots at a minimum, and I guarantee you there aren’t going to be 65 guys better than Johnny Manziel on NFL rosters.

That means Johnny Football 2.0 will happen on someone’s squad. But where?

Here are the three teams Johnny Manziel has leaked:

The LA Rams opening with Johnny Football? Sounds good. But drugs and loose women are too prevalent in Los Angeles. He might be better suited at one of the other choices.