Meek Mill Teams Up With 76ers For New Project

Updated: January 22, 2016

The internet is still ablaze with their opinions over the Meek Mill/Drake beef. For those that don’t remember the beef all started when Meek exposed Drake in 140 characters or less for submitting a ghostwritten verse to him for the song ‘R.I.C.O.’ Drake clapped back with a coordinated effort of memes, tweets from big corporations, and not one but two diss tracks to Meek before Meek bothered to respond.

Since then the internet (I.E. Drake Stans) has decided Meek has taken a “L” because Whataburger tweeted Meek. This is all despite not one, not two, (*Lebron voice now*) not three, but FOUR Quentin Miller written Drake reference tracks have dropped.

I guess hip hop isn’t about facts or authenticity anymore and some of us just have to accept that. Which is why 50 cent is “beating” Meek in a beef in which again 50 has done nothing to disprove Meek’s disses except upload memes.

Is that what we’re doing in the streets now? Winning beefs with memes?

I think Waka Flocka put it best in this video:

Do you agree with #wakaflocka… MEME WISE .. 50 >> MEEK MILL but MUSIC WISE .. #meekmill > #50cent ??

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For those of you that remember Meek’s also been fighting a lengthy court case during this whole ordeal as well, and it looks like he’s trying to get back on the right path in life in general.

Meek’s announced that he’s teaming up with the 76ers on a community outreach program:

#meekmill teams up with the #sixers for some community outreach efforts with the kids.

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This is for the children of Philly but THEY will find a way to hate. Remember, THEY don’t to see us win. THEY don’t want to see us give back to the community but we’re going to give back regardless.

There will be no comments on this post so THEY cannot hate on this. Major key.