Chip Kelly to Keep Colin Kaepernick With 49ers

Updated: January 15, 2016

The 49ers have hired former Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly to be their new head coach. As we all know, his brand of “basketball on a football field” type offense will be changing how they play in the Bay Area. In this type of offense an athletic QB with a big arm is needed and luckily the 49ers may already have the guy they need.

Colin Kaepernick was put on IR to finish this season but things are already looking up for #7. Since Kelly has come to the 49ers the team has pulled Kaep’s jerseys from the clearance rack which is an indication he will be back with the squad.

The Niners are on the hook for Kaepernick’s salary next season due to an injury clause so the only option would be to keep him or find a trade partner and agree pay the guarantee regardless. It just makes more sense to keep him and see what he does under a new coach.