Billionaire Move: NIKE Signs Lebron to a Lifetime Deal

Updated: December 9, 2015

Lebron James may be suffering from a lull in popularity on the court, but off the court things couldn’t be any better for King James. Lebron has starred in movies, created a media company, and invested in many other businesses.

One of the most successful business ventures James has been involved in is his NIKE deal which he signed before playing in the NBA. The deal expired and was extended nine years, but as of this week Lebron has said forget that and went ahead to form a lifetime partnership with the brand:

The deal allegedly pays Lebron $30 MILLION PLUS A YEAR for the REST OF HIS LIFE! Just think about that. That is generational money this guy is getting for wearing shoes and headbands.

A low-end estimate of this deal combined with his basketball contacts and other deals will net Lebron’s career earnings easily into the billionaire status. Like the great Kevin Garnett once said, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLEEEEEEE!”

Salute to the King.