Website Approves Hundreds of Racist Comments After Brandon Boykin Exposes Chip Kelly

Updated: August 2, 2015

Brandon Boykin was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers due to not fitting in with the Eagles. Pretty much a non story right? Nope, Boykin went on to make the some comments in the same vein of Lesean McCoy an other former Eagles.

According to Boykin verbatim, Kelly is “uncomfortable around grown men of our culture.”

It seems like Chip Kelly doesn’t like certain type of people.

But not only Kelly, its also the “silent majority” in this country. The type of people who say nothing in person but harbor the extremist right wing conservative ideals that are tearing this country apart at the seams.

One website decided there was nothing wrong with these types of ideals as well and approved hundreds of racist, anti-African American comments on the Boykin article:

“So your saying that no other race has been victims of racism or prejudice in america? You say whites don’t ever experience it? Boy go back to Africa and see how blacks and anyone is treated over there. You could still be a slave TODAY in africa. Keep in mind America fought a war on the bases that all men were created equal, which at the time of said war was foreign WORLD WIDE. If you think America is a bad place to live because your black then leave and see how other country’s would treat you. You may be suprised”

968 thumbs up

No other race has been getting killed left and right in the streets by police “legally” at the race of UNARMED African Americans. Wake me up when “whites” and others children start getting their brains blown out for no reason at all on a monthly basis.

You want black people to leave America? Buy some plane tickets or STFU, respectfully.

“Sorry but that is what their “culture” does…. plays the race card whenever someone doesn’t like them or treat them how they feel they are entitled to….. am I wrong?”

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“Their culture?”So who’s culture had a Confederate rally and aimed assault rifles at unarmed black women just yesterday? Who’s culture is quick to raise money for police officers who kill unarmed black children and acquit them via grand jury? People are being executed for no apparent reason other than their ethnicity and you really want to bring up the “race card?”


“It never ceases to amaze me how blacks can imply or actually throw racist darts at someone with impunity.

In the first place, let’s set the record straight. There are many NFL players — black, white, and otherwise who anyone would be uncomfortable being around.

And to Boykin I ask this: are all the black guys who had off season trouble either with the NFL or the law “grown men”?

It’s pretty sad when a coach of a football team can’t do what he wants to do with his roster without being labeled a racist. Especially since there has not been one spec of proof that Kelly is a racist.

Here this black people — there are just as many racists in your “culture” as there are in any other. The great majority of black people understand that.

Now that Boykin has had his 5 minutes of fame, he can go back to listening to his hip-hop music with all those wonderful lyrics slamming women and police.”

400 thumbs up

Was Desean Jackson in trouble with the law? Was Lesean McCoy in trouble with the law? Because I don’t remember seeing them sitting in court rooms facing charges. Again, facts trumps your “reality” and racist talking points. What does hop hop have to do with anything?

Who’s “culture” produced Dylan Roof?

Again with the “racists in your culture,” talking point. Someone please explain who’s culture was pointing assault rifles at women and waving confederate flags yesterday? Who’s culture is that?

Hence why you can’t paint everyone with the actions of a few, you just sound f***** stupid like these commenters. You can counter every “culture” comment with one in return.

With that said, I don’t expect any answers to the questions posed in return here.

So what do you think? Are you still going to believe we are supposed to be “post racial” when this is how the majority of the country feels about African Americans? For goodness sakes, the first comment has almost 1,000 thumbs up agreeing with it.

Word to Hulk Hogan, there are plenty more in the “silent majority” then we’ll ever know. It’s just sickening to see this spew into the world of sports, but you know… ‘Merika.