The Best Knicks Fan Reaction to Porzingis You’ll See [Video]

Updated: July 2, 2015

Kris Porzingis hasn’t even laced up a pair of NIKES for summer league yet and Knicks fans have lost their minds over the pick. Everyone is pretty much having the same reaction in the big apple and it goes a little something like this:


That’s of course, if dunn is still the slang in NY. I wouldn’t know. Either way Knicks fans, chill out. Its too hot outside to get this worked up over a guy who just might save your franchise from the disaster that is the Carmelo Anthony and the Knickettes era.

Check out the video below from a Instagrammer who lost his damn mind over Kris Porzingis:

😂😂😂😂😂 The Knicks Pissed Everybody Off With That 4th Pick Especially This Guy. He Said Who The Fuck Is This 😂😂😂

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