Mention Michelle Beadle’s Hypocritical Stance on Mayweather’s Domestic Abuse and She Will Block You

Updated: May 4, 2015

Michelle Beadle, a known WWE fan and ESPN personality had a twitter meltdown last night after WWE COO and VP of Talent Relations Triple H congratulated Floyd Mayweather on his big win. Floyd and Triple H are real friends in real life and Triple H routinely hangs out with Floyd before fights as mentioned Triple H’s podcast with Tim Ferris a few days ago.

For some wrestling fans apparently its still real to them and that would be Ms. Beadle. Apparently in her world her WWE fanhood stops at the door of supporting Mayweather who served a short jail sentence for domestic violence.

Michelle Beadle on Twitter: “I’ve loved @WWE for a long time. But @TripleH and his love for a serial abuser is too much

For Beadle the line stops at Mayweather! Nope, not at Chris Benoit, not WWE actually bodyslamming women, and of course not her favorite wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin who is also a domestic abuser.

beadle loves stone colds

For some odd reason she will not explain her stance as to why she supports one and not the other. Mention it on twitter, and she will block you.

Just answer the question: Why do you hate Mayweather for his past of domestic violence but support Stone Cold Steve Austin with his past?

Wonder the reason why….