BRAWL Breaks Out During Mayweather Pool Party

Updated: May 4, 2015

Apparently people are so upset about the unexciting Mayweather fight they decided to hit the streets and throw some punches themselves. Or so it would seem, as a HUGE brawl took place this weekend at Rehab.

In the videos several guys are shown slugging it out by the pool as thousands of people casually watch:

The REAL fight in Vegas went down the day after Mayweather-Pacquiao — a huge melee at the Rehab pool party hosted by Ludacris.

The video is absolute INSANITY — showing multiple brawls around the pool on Sunday at the Hard Rock Hotel — fists, chairs, bottles, ice buckets and more were hurled. Even before the fight broke out … you can see the crowd rip a door off its hinges to burst into the party!

Jamie Foxx and Will Smith’s son Trey were also at the party at some point — though it appears they weren’t involved or injured in the fight. Perks of VIP.

Here’s the odd thing — Vegas cops tell us they got no calls for this brawl. We’ve got a call in to the Hard Rock too.

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