Thoughts on the Kiko Alonzo & LeSean McCoy Trade

Updated: March 4, 2015

When it first went down my reaction was like everyone else, “what is going on in Philly?!” A lot of knee jerk reactions are typical in the sports blogging climate, and thus is why I usually take a few hours to process everything before I write a post.

Initially I did what everyone else did and accused Chip Kelly of simply trying to assimilate a professional version of the Oregon Ducks. After all, there are nine Ducks on this squad now. But when you look at the numbers it begins to make sense:

Chip Kelly just put on his GM hat and made a fantastic move with this roster. Upon talking with a close buddy of mine we agreed that in this new NFL climate it makes perfect sense to get rid of a running back that is making eight figures next season for a young up-and-coming middle linebacker who has his whole career ahead of him. In the grand scheme of things few running backs simply aren’t worth eight figures anymore, and Kiko still has two years left on his rookie deal.

What are the Eagles preparing to do with all that cap space?

Let me just leave this here…

Marcus Mariota