Is Lebron James Washed Up?

Updated: November 7, 2014

The King is back. At least if you ask anyone in Cleveland, that’s what they would tell you. Lebron James is back to fulfill his childhood goal of bringing a chip to Northeast Ohio.

In the squad’s first contest against the New York Knicks, Lebron looked awful. He missed his first 7 of 8 shots, and looked like a completely different player than the one in that #6 Miami jersey just five months ago.

We all thought it was rust and jitters but something is off about Lebron. People are saying King Kobe might be washed up but is it too early to side-eye Ohio’s King?

In the Cavs contest with the Utah Jazz Lebron made Gordon Hayward look like first team all NBA player. Bron couldn’t finish on a fast break, getting stuffed by Hayward, then played poor defense (along with his 4 teammates) as Gordon torched them for a game winning stretch of offensive play.

Lebron has publicly criticized teammates “bad habits.” I think this is codeword for “know your role Dion Waiters.”

My predictions:

-Dion Waiters gets traded
-Cavs acquire a big man
-Lebron magically gains the weight back he lost in the off season
-Cavs lose in the Eastern Conference Finals