5 Reasons Steve Kerr Chose Golden State Rather Than New York

Updated: May 15, 2014

Steve Kerr holds the NBA record for most accurate three point shooter. Also, Kerr proves to be accurate in choosing the correct coaching position. The following are reasons for Kerr’s accuracy:

  1. Less Drama – I believe the wise old adage is, “save the drama for your mama”…and quite frankly the New York Knicks are notoriously regarded as one of the most highly profiled dramatic teams in the NBA. Of course being in New York City does not help the Knicks’ cause, but as soon as things start to unravel the Knicks are immediately pointing fingers. With an ego filled locker room and a baggage filled organization, the Knicks coaching position seems undesirable for any wise NBA veteran. Although the Knicks do have solid roster, the players need to check their egos at the door and work as a team, rather than work as individuals. This past season, the Knicks ranked 28th in average assists per game, which portrays the team’s selfish mentality.
  2. Home Is Where The Heart Is – Steve Kerr has been a west coast guy since day one. He grew up in California and was even the ball boy for John Wooden’s infamous UCLA Bruins squad from 1978-1979. Additionally, he attended Arizona University and grew accustomed to the west coast lifestyle. Currently, Kerr has a daughter attending University of California – Berkley, and already established family life in San Diego, California. When the opportunity arises to coach a professional team, anyone would accept it. Although when the same opportunity arises AND you are able to be close to your family, then the choice is clear.
  3. Pre-existing Playoff Potential – Yes, the Golden State Warriors were eliminated from the playoffs, but at least Warriors made it into the postseason. The Knicks – although they finished the season on a four game winning streak – failed to make it into the playoffs in the weaker Eastern Conference. If the Warriors were in the Eastern Conference, they would have held the number 3 seed, which is a hefty upgrade from the 6 seed that the Warriors held in the Western Conference bracket. Additionally, with the presence of a big man (*cough cough* a healthy Andrew Bogut) the Warriors would have been poised to make a deep playoff push for the title. These pre-existing factors would attract any potential coach due to the team’s potential championship pedigree.
  4. SHOW ME THE MONEY – Not only is that a quote from the film Jerry McGuire, but money is a – if not THE – deciding factor when choosing professions. It does not matter whether you are choosing between summer jobs or NBA coaching positions, money leads and solidifies individuals down selected paths. Steve Kerr chose the Golden State path that dealt him a 5 year contract worth 25 million dollars. Allegedly, New York was reluctant to add on a fifth year to the coaching contract, which swayed Kerr further towards the Warriors.
  5. Less Pressure – As an overall culmination of reasons for choosing Golden State over New York, any NBA player, veteran, coach, or fan would agree that starting your career in Golden State is a better position to be in than starting in New York. The Warriors’ coaching position comes with less pressure and media attention. The Big Apple thrives off media and pays close attention to struggling New York franchises. Every New Yorker’s favorite past time is to complain about their team’s mediocrity. Whereas in Oakland, Golden State’s location, sports fans place the majority of their complaints on the Oakland Raiders. Thus, allowing the Warriors to fly under the radar, until late November – when the Raiders’ season gets ugly.