2014 Eastern Conference NBA 1st Round Playoffs Preview

Updated: May 2, 2014

With the playoffs just around the corner, and the seeds locked in its time to break down each series and make some predictions.


This series should be a piece of cake for the Pacers, and it would but the struggles at the end of the seasons raised some questions about this team. Despite a sub .500 record Atlanta has talent and cannot be overlooked as the 8 seed. If the Pacers return to the team they were in the beginning of the year, Atlanta will have a serious challenge ahead of them. When this series is all said and done…



1. Indiana Pacers (55-26)

8. Atlanta Hawks (37-44)

In my mind this is the biggest mis-match of the NBA playoffs. If the Bobcats want any chance at a monumental upset Al Jefferson will need to play his best basketball of his NBA career, maybe even more than that Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will need to find a way to contain Lebron James. If Kidd-Gilchrist has no answer than this series is over before it even starts. At the end of the series…



2. Miami Heat (54-27)

7. Charlotte Bobcats (42-39)

Toronto has a chance to prove themselves this year as a 3 seed, as well does Washington as the 6 seed. Both teams in my mind have over achieved this season, but that doesn’t mean that these teams can be taken lightly. Kyle Lowry is in a contract year, and this series in my opinion will decide if he gets a max contract or not. Regardless the Raptors need to find a way to retain him. The Raptors may have the better record, but Washington is young and hungry. When this series is over…



3. Toronto Raptors (48-33)

6. Washington Wizards (43-38)

This series is an exact rematch of the 2013 playoffs 1st round in which Chicago won. Chicago, again without Derrick Rose have found ways to win. Now who to contribute that to is up to you, wether it be Joakim Noah, or Tom Thibodeau. Brooklyn has gone all in this year with the draft day trade for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. I think this year proves the same as last year. With that said…



4. Chicago Bulls (48-33)

5. Brooklyn Nets (44-37)

Western conference tomorrow. Your 2nd round would look as follows

1. Indiana

4. Chicago

2. Miami

3. Washington