[Pics] Are The Gonzalez Twins Already Bigger Than Basketball?

Updated: July 27, 2013

Just in case you are living under a rock the Gonzalez twins, Kota and Dyl, have the internets going nuts right now. Paul Wall would be proud. But in an era of overexposure and over-sharing people are starting to ask: have these young ladies gone too far?

It is impossible to get around their looks, but does anyone really care that they are going to play for the Kansas Jayhawks ladies basketball team this upcoming season? Or have the ladies’ internet celebrity already fueled their relevance to sports whether we like it or not?

It’s tough to answer all of these questions due to the complex nature of the new internet era we live in. How much sharing is too much? How little is too little? Every athlete from Lebron all the way down to the backup point guard at your local community college have a twitter these days. Should we stop fueling these athletes internet celebrity or should we sit back and enjoy the fact they have given us a glimpse into their lives?

I think in the case of the Gonzalez twins, no one really cares.

Pictures of the Kansas Gonzalez Twins below: