First Gay NFL Player? Shocking Video Shows Kerry Rhodes in Bed With Another Man

Updated: June 2, 2013

Here at MDHQ we do not care if you go home to a man or a woman, your business is your business but in the world of sports it is still taboo. Some leagues like the WNBA have had a plethora of athletes come out of the closet and no one bat an eye, while the NBA has just had their first player reveal himself to a lot of media attention.

The NFL hasn’t had anyone come out, yet, and probably won’t due to the physical and intimate nature of the game. It’s not that the NFL players are anti gay, in fact many are in support of the gay and lesbian community, it just makes for an awkward situation in the locker room.

The last few months there have been many rumors about NFL safety Kerry Rhodes and his assistant “Hollywood” being a couple circulating the blogs. Though Rhodes has dismissed the rumors as false more and more awkward footage of him and his assistant continues to circulate. The latest being this behind the scenes video of Kerry’s life which depicts him and his assistant lying shirtless in a bed.

What do you think? Are they looking too comfortable?

*MDHQ is not implying that Rhodes is or isn’t gay in any way shape or form. These are just rumors. Form your own opinion.*