Mel Kiper Drops Bomb in Latest Mock Draft

Updated: February 7, 2013

NCAA Football: Maryland at West VirginiaEarlier in the week I wrote about Russ Lande’s surprising placement of Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib at the top of his “Big Board.” In almost a perfect example of just how much the NFL Draft is a crap-shoot and based on so many different opinions, ESPN’s Mel Kiper said on Sportscenter today that there is “no QB to remotely consider” with the first pick.

Kiper went a step further with his latest mock draft that had a total of zero QB’s taken in the first round. He spoke about how some teams in desperate need of a QB may be tempted enough to trade into the end of the first round, but says the value isn’t there for a QB to be taken in the top-10 of this draft.

No matter how Mel Kiper feels about the QB’s in this draft, someone will be taken in the top-10. Someone will fall in love with the talent and potential of somebody and take them at least in the top-20 picks.

There are so many different opinions on just how the top-5 QB’s should be ranked. It will become a little more clear as we get closer to the draft, but it’s going to be interesting to see how what teams like what players or what teams don’t like others.

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