Got His Wish: Titus Young Released By Lions

Updated: February 4, 2013

BBMp37WCMAAbpqVThe Lions invested a second round draft pick just two seasons ago on a young blazing fast receiver from Boise State. His name was Titus Young. Little did they know that two seasons later they would be so frustrated with the young man that they would tell him his services are no longer required.

Young was involved in a series of bizarre events that lead to the team getting frustrated with him. Such events included intentionally running the wrong route on a play. They tried to suspend him, but the message did not get through as Titus went on a Twitter rant which included daring the Lions to release him.

Well Titus, you got your wish player:

Yeah, the Lions’ don’t have time for that.

How does this effect the draft?

Not much, there is another talented receiver on the market who may be more trouble than he’s worth. Titus is extremely talented but is it worth bringing him in over a comparable talent with out the extra baggage in the draft?