Why The Arizona Cardnials Better Sign Michael Vick in 2013

Updated: December 26, 2012

vickIt is no secret. The 2013 Arizona Cardinals had a horrific season. As I type this the team is 5-10, with only one win coming after the month of October. As a matter of fact, four out of the team’s five wins in the first four games.

The biggest problem for the team has been their anemic quarterbacking. Kevin Kolb was pegged to be the starter but he’s only played six games. The team won four of the six he played but how reliable will Kolb be down the line? The reason Philadelphia traded him was because he got injured and then backup Michael Vick replaced him.

Kolb’s injuries opened the door for Josh Skelton and his 54% completion rate to take over. After throwing two touchdowns to nine interceptions the team turned to Ryan Lindley who didn’t do any better (52%, 0 td, 7 ints).

This display begs the question: How much longer will the Quarterback struggle last in Arizona?

If I am the Cardinals management I am making a phone call to the Philadelphia Eagles and that is to acquire the services of one man: Michael Vick and here’s why.

Statistically he is an instant upgrade. Vick has a respectable 58.5% completion rate, 11 touchdowns and 9 interceptions on the 2012 season. For his career Vick has 122 passing touches to 91 interceptions.

What Vick brings more than anything is a big arm for Larry Fitzgerald, and the big play ability at quarterback. Vick’s 301 yards in 2012 would have made him a close second leading rusher to LaRod Stephens-Howling who only has 57 more yards.

larryLarry Fitzgerald’s four touchdowns this season are a career low. You don’t think he would be excited to see Vick?

At whatever cost, the Cardnials need to upgrade the quarterback position. Kolb cannot stay healthy and while Vick has his share of injuries he always comes back sooner rather than later. His rushing yards alone are enough of a boost to this offense to win several more games.

We all agree that there is no quarterback in the draft valuable enough to take at the top 15 pick Arizona will land. There are other trade options but Alex Smith and Mark Sanchez are more of the same. There is only one Michael Vick. There is only one Larry Fitzgerald. There are only so many chances you get to put a tandem like this together.

Why not?

One Comment

  1. Joe

    December 27, 2012 at 12:56 am

    Worst. Idea. Ever.

    Go through the options:

    A) Sign a bloated contract for a 30yo+ QB who has never played an entire season and is a one trick pony. Yes. Vick will sell seats. Yes. He may games exciting. Yes. He will get hurt. Why would you sign an injury proned QB when AZ already has one.

    B) Trade for Vick. Perfect, let AZ trade for a QB where they have huge ?’s all over the OLine, OLB, RB, TE, and Safety. Perfectly plausible given AZ’s inability to anything rationale for another massive contract at QB. I have faith in Kolb – when he’s healthy – to be able to be the QB they need.

    I reality, they need to stick with Kolb, give him a line that can do more than admire the HUGE TVs for replays as well as a healthy running game. Joekel/Matthews would be a huge step, as well as an OG. I’d pull a Jacksonville and double dip in the first and second round. This draft is defense heavy, draft a CB/Rush LB and see what happens.

    -a KC CHIEFS fan-