2013 NFL Draft: DJ Fluker to Declare, According to Nick Saban

Updated: November 17, 2012

College coaches these days recruit top tier talent with the expectation that they are only going to be around for two to three years at most.

Nick $aban is no stranger to replacing top tier talent year in and year out. How many players has Alabama sent to the first round of the NFL Draft recently? This Bama program is getting on early 2000’s Miami levels as far as NFL talent goes.

With that said, Coach $aban was asked about which players he would have to replace this summer and didn’t to hesitate to say that his outstanding offensive tackle DJ Fluker and the rest of the offensive line are going to need replacements:

On his radio show Thursday night, Saban was asked what positional areas he and his coaching staff will be targeting on the recruiting trail. Saban first and foremost addressed the offensive line in general and D.J. Fluker in particular, saying the latter’s “a guy who’s probably going to go out for the draft.”

I don’t have Fluker back in my first round mock draft yet… but I can certainly see him being picked in the mid-late first and early second round at worse. Either way, he’s going to be a rich, rich, rich young man in a few months.