Spurrier Says South Carolina “Maybe Getting Lattimore Back” But He Should Enter the Draft and Here’s Why

Updated: October 30, 2012

This is the third article in a row on the same subject and I hate to beat a dead horse, but this has to be said. If you have been waiting for a good rant please go grab a Sprite and come back.

Steve Spurrier, the ol’ ball coach, made a statement that just irked me regarding Marcus Lattimore’s injury. He said, and I quote “we may be getting Marcus Lattimore back” in regards to Lattimore’s playing prospects.


If I am Marcus Lattimore the next thing Steve Spurrier, or anyone at the University of South Carolina will see is the back of my head as I am leaving school.

This has to be Lattimore’s final season playing collegiate football. He’s already torn ligaments in BOTH knees. What good will red-shirting him to comeback in 2014 do for Marcus? He’s given this team both knees, and probably the peak athletic years of his life for free.

Spurrier is basically saying, “when ya get well, COME ON BACK AND GET HIT IN THE KNEES FOR FREE SOME MORE!”

You have got to be kidding me.

Marcus has to look at the careers of Willis McGahee and Frank Gore as inspiration to hire a great agent (YA BOY is available Marcus) and get himself drafted. Remember Willis McGahee couldn’t compete in the combine and instead chose to do a private workout consisting mainly of squats to show NFL teams he was on the road to recovery. That private workout got Willis drafted in the first round by the Buffalo Bills. You don’t think that now, especially with the cap friendly CBA in place, that some team wouldn’t grab Marcus Lattimore with an early second round pick?

If I were a betting man I’d bet anything that even injured Lattimore goes no later than the third round. Bad knee and all.

All in all, the idea of him playing more football for free is just silly. Get healthy, get yourself drafted, and earn what you can while you can.