Mike Vick Will Be Benched For Nick Foles Soon

Updated: October 30, 2012

I’m sorry Eagles fans, you got to get this work.

Right now the Eagles are 3-4 and a lot of heat is coming down on two people: Michael Vick and Coach Andy Reid. Vick eluded after the teams 17-30 loss versus Atlanta that he may be benched very soon.

The idea of Vick being benched two weeks after the team’s firing their former defensive coordinator is hilarious. It seems that Mr. Reid is going to do any and everything possible to keep that spotlight off himself.

The Eagles lost to the Falcons because (1) the Falcons have beat everyone that they have played so far and (2) there were a lot of blown coverages on defense. There wasn’t a safety in the picture on several of Atlanta’s passing touchdowns.

Does Vick have 11 turnovers? Yes.

Can the offense play better? Yes.

But the real problem is that the team starts slow, and doesn’t stop anyone on defense. Is putting Nick Foles, a rookie, in the game going to remedy this? I think we all know the answer to this.

The Eagles are 3-4 and still right in the hunt but it looks like they will self destruct before they get a chance to turn this season around. Mike Vick will be gone, Andy Reid will be gone, and we’ll be wondering which rookie QB the Eagles are going to draft with their first round pick and new coach.