Scott Pioli Says Chiefs Had 3 Good QBs Going Into 2012 Draft

Updated: May 17, 2012

If you ask any fan around the league, they will tell you that the Chiefs were among the handful of teams that could have justified selecting a QB in the 2012 NFL Draft. However, they did not. In an interview with Chiefs GM Scott Pioli says there was a reason: the Chiefs already have a good QB on the roster.

I think we have three good quarterbacks. I think the guy who’s set to be our starting quarterback is a good quarterback, he’s a good starting NFL quarterback. . . . I think as he gets more opportunities, Matt is gonna continue to show people that he’s a good NFL quarterback. It’s interesting. I’ve been out and about town with my family, and I talk to fans, you talk to fans, you hear different things, and there’s a lot of times where I hear from people — there’s people out there that don’t understand the criticism of Matt, or this growing groundswell in pockets of Matt allegedly not being a good enough quarterback.

All I have in response to this:


  1. Ben

    May 17, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    Problem is who was the Chiefs suppose to draft that was better than what they currently have? Sure Andrew Luck and RGIII are better but the Chiefs weren’t going to get them unless they gave up their whole draft.

    The problem was the Chiefs didn’t view anyone left to draft upgrades. Even Tannehill was a question mark to believe he was a upgrade.

    One also has to remember that Matt Cassel may be deemed a major weak spot on the Chiefs roster (I do agree with that) but who is to say that Ricky Stanzi can’t be a very good QB in this league? He just hasn’t had his chance to show what he can do. He didn’t have a off-season last year and the Chiefs organization made the decision they weren’t going to play him during the season (basically treated the year like a red-shirt). You know they were going to stick by their word if they didn’t play Stanzi even with the horrible excuse of a QB in Tyler Palko playing.

    Quinn is a solid back-up but I don’t think the Chiefs are looking for him to be the starter. Cassel would probably be considered a quality back-up as well on any roster in the NFL. It all comes back to waiting to see what the Chiefs have in Ricky Stanzi. Stanzi was the player the Chiefs brought up in comparing other possible QB’s in the draft… they didn’t deem any to be as good as him.

    • D. Wash

      May 17, 2012 at 4:47 pm

      Really liked Stanzi in college. I felt that the Broncos should have drafted him to learn under Orton for a year or two.

      I agree the Chiefs were in a bad spot to get a QB. They couldn’t justify drafting a guy like Osweiler or Wilson with a first round pick IMO.