Brock Osweiler Works on New Throwing Motion… wait wat?

Updated: May 12, 2012


What in the name of John Elway is John Elway doing?

I said it before the draft when I heard the rumors of Elway going after Osweiler, that I had no problems with that pick if it was done with a reasonable selection.  Brock Osweiler is a good enough developmental prospect, with the mobility and confidence you look for at the position.  The only problem is that the Broncos are trying to win NOW… again, how does Brock Osweiler standing on the sidelines help Peyton Manning win playoff games?  What is the thinking here?

I’m still baffled by the selection, other than the fact that Denver had nothing behind Peyton.  But was a second round pick really worth blowing on a guy that can’t help your team unless your best player goes down?  Hmmm….

Besides that, now we are hearing that Osweiler is working on his throwing motion.

“A lot of times in college, my elbow would drop below my shoulder, if you will,”

“When you do that, you lose velocity, you lose accuracy, you’re less consistent with your throws.  We basically made a huge point to bring that elbow up to a more traditional throwing motion and get it above my shoulder.”

wait… wat?!!

Didn’t the Broncos just get rid of a quarterback with a wonky ‘below the shoulder’ throwing motion?

I’m still skeptical how this pick helps the Broncos win the Super Bowl…. please prove me wrong. Please.