Redskins Draft Kirk Cousins: The Shanadraft Strikes Again

Updated: April 28, 2012

You never know what the “mastermind” Mike Shanahan has up his sleeve. As a Broncos fan I pretty much prepared myself to be dazed and confused every draft season and now Redskins fans can feel my pain.

After the Broncos grabbed Osweiler I thought there could be no other confusing QB draft picks on the board… that was until Washington traded UP for another QB. All this after selling the farm for Mr. Griffin III.

Cousins was a projected first round pick by at least one draft pundit out there, and I argued to anyone that would listen that he’s overrated because he’s a “nice guy.” He’s going to polarize the fanbase depending on how Griffin III plays and may force a BIG problem if Griffin III struggles at any point.

You know what they say… the most popular player on any football team is the backup quarterback.