Vincent Jackson Likely Done in San Diego

Updated: February 9, 2012

The way San Diego played in 2011, you knew that some sort of major change would be on the way. Obviously the team isn’t going to get rid of Philip Rivers or Ryan Mattthews at this point so many people speculated that a lot of shuffling would go on the defensive side out in San Diego. However according to a new report the 2012 Chargers may look really different. And by really different, I mean missing their 6’5 starting wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

Here are the details:

“I don’t see any way he’s back [in San Diego]. The Chargers won’t franchise him, they’ve come out and said that,” Jason La Canfora said on NFL Network. “There’s been acrimony between the two sides over the years and there are too many teams that need receiving help, St. Louis, San Francisco and Tampa are some teams off the top of my head. Somebody is going to give him big bucks.”

Source: Pro Football Talk