2012 NFL Mock Draft: Brandon Weeden to Denver Broncos? Age Not a Concern for One Scout

Updated: February 4, 2012

One of the biggest criticism’s you hear going on in this draft process is that of the age of former Oklahoma State QB Brandon Weeden. Weeden is going to be entering the NFL at 29 years old after a stint in the MLB and his 4 years at Oklahoma State. For that reason many people have compared him to Chris Weinke (though Weeden is a far better passer in my humble opinion). Weinke also came into the league around 28-29 years old.

One scout isn’t buying the age problem. He’s predicting someone will use a pick to draft Weeden within the first 2 rounds.

“The age thing to me is a big joke because he’s ready to play. He’s mature,” said the scout. “He has all the physical attributes. There are no character issues. He has it all.” If Weeden is as pro-ready as the scout described, he won’t make it out of the first two rounds. Weeden could be an interesting selection for Denver in the second round. The Broncos refuse to tailor their long-term offense to Tim Tebow, and Weeden is essentially the prototype at 6’4″ with a big, accurate arm.

Feb 3 – 12:51 PM

Source: Washington Examiner