Mel Kiper’s 2012 NFL Mock Draft

Updated: January 18, 2012

ESPN debuted Mel’s latest mock today on NFL32. Of course you’ll have to pay for insider access or use Google-fu to find the rest.

Here are the selections that were on television (my comments below):

  1. Colts- Andrew Luck
    No brainer. Can’t wait to see what they do with Peyton’s $28 mil contract…
  2. Rams- Justin Blackmon
    I can see this.  Could also see RGIII here too, to a different team.
  3. Vikings- Matt Kalil
    Christain Ponder and I approve this.
  4. Browns- Robert Griffin III
    I could see this.
  5. Bucs- Trent Richardson
    I don’t approve of taking any RB with a pick this high. Claiborne would be a great pickup instead.
  6. Redskins- Morris Claiborne
    No way.  You have to trade up and leave this draft with RGIII if you are the Skins.
  7. Jaguars- Quentin Coples
    Ever since they passed on Tebow for Alualu, I think they have been committed to building one of the league’s best front 4’s, so why stop now?
  8. Panthers- Dre Kirkpatrick
    Nice pick.
  9. Dolphins- Riley Rieff
    Great pick.  Reiff + Long is going to open a lot of room for Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas.
  10. Bills- Courtney Upshaw
    Bills will pick the best pass rusher available. Agree with the pick.