Eddie Gone: Eddie Royal leaving Broncos Due to Tebow Offense?

Updated: January 18, 2012

eddie royal frustratedThere has been rumblings of the Broncos future offense with Tim Tebow likely beginning the 2012 year as the team’s QB. Will the Broncos break down to rebuild around Tebow? Will they try to develop Tebow as a passing QB? Will they sign more running backs and commit to the conservative heavy running approach?

On 1043thefan.com former Bronco Alfred Williams shed some light into the situation. Apparently he has been talking with Rod Smith recently on the state of the team’s passing game. He eluded to the unhappiness that Eddie Royal may have played with under the Tebow offense. Smith shed light into the frustration that receivers have in playing with a QB like Tebow because he does not throw the ball with any accuracy or timing.

Here is the transcript from the conversation on 1043thefan.com:

Darren McKee: “You think Eddie Royal is dissatisfied and will go somewhere else?”
Alfred Williams: “I don’t think Eddie is dissatisfied. I know Eddie is dissatisfied.”
Darren McKee: “You talked to Eddie about it?”
Alfred Williams: “I did not.”
Darren McKee: “Okay, well, how do you know he’s dissatisfied.”
Alfred Williams: “Let’s just say, I know.”

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