This is Why He Must Be Traded: Fans Vote Tebow 4th in Pro Bowl Voting

Updated: December 1, 2011

Is Tim Tebow the 4th best QB in the AFC? No. He isn’t even the 4th best quarterback in the divison, yet today I log on PFT and read that Tebow nation has voted him 4th in the Pro Bowl.

Tebow currently is in fourth place among all AFC quarterbacks, behind Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The final roster, which will include three quarterbacks, will be determined by a combination of the fan voting, a vote of the players, and a vote of the coaches. Whether and to what extent the players and coaches believe in Tebowmania will determine whether he ultimately earns a spot on the team.

And even if he finishes fourth, he’ll likely make it — because Brady typically finds a way to avoid the assignment.

Meanwhile, the league office advises that Tebow’s jersey has moved from No. 11 to No. 6 via purchases made through

This is why the Broncos will trade Tim Tebow. Signed, sealed, delivered, “BOOK IT!” if you’re Skippy Bayless. The kind of fans he attracts around this team are not the brightest bunch. How is a guy going to make the Pro Bowl leading the 31st ranked passing attack, ranking in 25th total offense and only scoring 15.6 points per game?

Because his fans are clueless, that’s why. It’s really reaching cult-like status. Thank goodness John Elway is going to ship him to the Miami Dolphins and end this madness.