#TebowTime – New Rap Song by J. Ruckus

Updated: December 18, 2011

I can hear you already.

“But you dont like Tim Tebow! Don’t jump on the bandwagon now!”

Oh, I’m not on the bandwagon but my brother, artist/rapper J. Ruckus is.  He’s been a Tebow supporter from day 1 so it shouldn’t have been a surprise at all for me to see him drop a song devoted to the Mile High Messiah.  Lyrics include boastful barbs like “his game been strong though. before he became a Denver Bronco” and “no defense can hurt him ever, hand the ball off to Willis McGahee or throw it to Eric Decker”

If Tebow and the Broncos some how some way figure out how to beat the New England Patriots I wouldn’t be surprised if the internet crashed from the hype wave. At least now the Tebowmaniacs have a theme song now to listen to while they are “Tebowing.”

Get your full fill of Tebow Time and check out the video below:


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  1. Prof Griff

    January 3, 2012 at 11:49 pm

    That Shit Kray… Are you following me?