Welcome to the Future: Inventors Create In-Ball Camera (Video)

Updated: October 15, 2011

One of the things that I have come to appreciate in the modern era of sports is the technology. I remember just a three or four years ago when HDTV came out, my mind was blown. The amount of detail a HDTV has is insane. You can see every stitch on the jersey, every blade of grass, etc. It is really better than paying $200+ and sitting in the stands.

Now we have something potentially EVEN BIGGER. Inventors Jonas Pfeil, Kristian Hildebrand, Carsten Gremzow, Bernd Bickel and Marc Alexa have created a ball from cell phone cameras that allows a view from any angle on the field.

I can’t wait for this technology to hit the NFL and NBA. Can you imagine?

Video Below: