Tim Tebow Plays a Little Wide Receiver

Updated: September 19, 2011

Tebow nation, what’s up?!

After fans have threatened to buy billboards, and chanted his name, Tim Tebow finally got to play for the Denver Broncos in a game this season.  But it wasn’t at QB.  It was at the wide out position!

That’s right, after the Broncos lost Brandon Lloyd and Eddie Royal they decided to throw current scout team WR Tim Tebow in to block on a few plays. You read that correct, and I dont even have to explain what that means for his career as a Bronco.  But at least Tebow Nation got to see him play, so they’ll be happy? Maybe?

Tebow entered the game as a wide receiver early in the second quarter after Eddie Royal went down with a groin injury. He blocked on a third down run by Lance Ball that failed to move the chains and the Broncos punted.

Source: Profootballtalk