Seahawks LB Aaron Curry Might Be Getting Traded Soon

Updated: September 28, 2011

A few days ago I wrote about Curry being regulated to the second team in Seattle. Curry the former number 4 pick from Wake Forest has not made waves as a NFL’er so far. When everything is said and done, its looking more and more like we’ll have to label him as a bust. (Seahawks fans I know you already do.)

Curry has been dropping hints on Twitter that he may be getting traded soon. A few fans hit him up, and his responses have been Cryptic to be saying the least, but you can read into them what you want:

I’d like to see him get a fresh start in Carolina. With Jon Beason out right now there is a lot of playing time to be had in the middle linebacker spot in Charlotte. With Curry being from NC, a little home cooking is probably what he needs to tap into his potential.