Pics: Tim Tebow Fans Put up Billboards

Updated: September 30, 2011

First of all…

ahahahahahaha. Ahahahahahahaha. Bahahahahahahaa.

I had to get the laugh out early on this. There is so much wrong with these. Where do I even start? These billboards are up alongside I-25 in Denver and I doubt if John Fox, Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow, or anyone really cares. Money well spent, not!

Let’s talk about what is so fundamentally wrong with this billboard.

#1. It sucks.

#2. “Broncos fans” to John Fox? No. The people who paid for these billboards are NOT Broncos fans. They are Tim Tebow fans. They don’t care what happens to the team, long as Tebow plays. If Tebow was traded to the Redskins tomorrow, they are going straight to eBay to unload their Broncos gears. Be HONEST. An objective Broncos fan knows that Tim Tebow should have never been drafted in the first round in the first place, and doesn’t need to see him play anymore than he has to confirm that.

Tebow has a statue at the University of Florida... not Denver

#3. Tebow land? This is not Gainesville Florida.  I think Tebow appears to be a great person off the field and should be commended for being a nice role model for kids.  But on the field he hasn’t done anything to be granted the keys to the franchise.

When he played the Broncos were led to a sound 1-2 win loss record, following behind a 49% pass completion rate.  I know what you’re thinking… Orton isn’t doing any better.  True.  Also, Orton plays on an offense with zero playmakers.  What do you think Tebow would do in such a bottled up offense?

I know some of you spent a lot of money on those billboards and your #15 jerseys.  However, before we start calling for Tim Tebow, let’s please let him beat out Brady Quinn first.