Is it Time For the Colts to Draft a Quarterback?

Updated: September 26, 2011

Curtis Painter... not quite Peyton Manning

Many times when I am checking out the latest mocks on our site, I see users mocking players like Landry Jones and Kellen Moore to the Colts. Sometimes I chime in the comments and say “the Colts would never offend Peyton like that” etc. but I’m beginning to change my way of thinking when it comes to the Colts QB situation.

Anyone that saw the game last night knows that the Colts were a Quarterback away from beating the defending AFC Champion Steelers at home on Sunday Night Football. When the game was on the line and the Colts needed a play the most, Curtis Painter simply could not get it done.

That combined with the news that Peyton is done for the year is starting to raise eyebrows.

Owner Jim Irsay announced at a breakfast meeting with Super Bowl donors Monday that Manning will miss the entire season, according to WISH-TV in Indianapolis.

Perhaps this isn’t official just yet, but it’s a sign that the Colts have no expectations Manning will return.

Hmmm…. Peyton won’t play but he isn’t on the PUP or IR list? I guess there is still a GLIMMER of hope that Peyton can come back around week 11 and save the season. A glimmer that is simply unrealistic. If Peyton doesn’t play this year there is a good chance he will never play again. With that said, I have to say that yes it is time for the Colts to consider drafting a Quarterback in the draft. Kirk Cousins, Nick Foles, Kellen Moore, and Robert Griffin III are just some names that make be enticing if you are in Indianapolis right now…