Brandon Lloyd Doesn't Want to Play With Tim Tebow

Updated: August 5, 2011

“The Tebow Thing” is plaguing the Denver Broncos locker room. Ever Since Josh McDaniels got fired the Broncos have had the issue of what to do with the hype machine they inherited in Tim Tebow. McDaniels used three NFL Draft selections to get the first round pick that became Tebow. Normally first round QBs are near finished products and ready to play early in their careers. The fans want to see #15 be the starter, but Tim is losing the QB battle.

Not only is Tim losing the QB battle to Kyle Orton, the veterans apparently are in Orton’s corner. This is what Brandon Owens I mean Lloyd had to say about his quarterbacks:

“We’ve got Tim Rattay, who can play in this league and deliver the ball, and they get rid of him to play Alex Smith, the guy we drafted No. 1 overall that year. As a veteran you say, ‘You’re just going to (bleep) on our season to develop for the future?’ It makes you mad. Me, I want to win now.
“Keeping Orton as the starter means we’re trying to win now. Going with Tim Tebow is a developmental move. That’s not a ‘now’ move. Would that (tick) me off? Yeah, it would. But at the same time I’m a competitor so I’m going to try to make it work.”

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