The Brady 6: The Qbs That Were Picked Before Tom Brady

Updated: April 12, 2011

ESPN has an ongoing mini series titled “year of the Quarterback” in which they highlight different QBs around the league.  In the upcoming segment they will take a look at the “Brady 6”, the passers who were drafted before Tom Brady in the NFL Draft.

Because my curiosity is killing me, I decided to go ahead and look for myself who the Brady 6 are and list them here.  I am sure the show will be good, as are all ESPN’s mini series.  But with no further delay here are the 6:

  1. Chad Pennington (round 1 NY Jets)
  2. Giovanni Carmazzi (round 2 SF 49ers)
  3. Chris Redman (round 2 Baltimore Ravens)
  4. Tee Martin (round 5 Steelers)
  5. Marc Bulger (round 6 Saints)
  6. Spergon Wynn (round 6 Browns)

(the #1 overall pick in the 2000 draft was Courtney Brown for those curious)