Is Mass Media Trying to Destroy Cam Newton?

Updated: April 3, 2011

This week was a wild one in the world of the NFL Draft and college football news.  HBO aired a special in which several former Auburn players admitted on camera that they indeed “played for pay” at the University.  Former standout defensive end Stanley McClover was the biggest name on the program.

Now, why would this show air and why would it focus on Auburn University?  Could it be because Auburn’s most recent QB Cam Newton is the most polarizing figure in the 2011 draft? Very possibly so.  It just seems like a very thinly veiled attack on this young man during what should be his proudest moment.

Yes, even I in the past was extremely critical of the “pay for play” scandal that Cam and his dad Cecil Newton were engaged in.  Everyone raised an eyebrow to the situation when it happened.  But now that it is over and Cam has spoken to all 32 NFL teams personally, along with private workouts with the Panthers, Broncos (sorry Tim), Bills, and Vikings, why should pundits continue to berate this point?  If he took the money then so be it.  Auburn will be evacuated of their National Title when the time is due.  It won’t have any effect on whether he gets the consistent accuracy to be a Pro Bowl QB or not.

Another story came out on Cam’s personality in which he was described as being fake and contrived.  Really?  How would a writer that doesn’t know Cam personally be able to tell that?  Now I admit I have said in the past that Cam may just be a “big fat liar” but as of right NOW we do not know.  Nothing has come out that has contradicted his story, no matter how much it still does not make sense.

Another story came out this week about Patrick Peterson.  A trainer allegedly negotiated a “pay for play” deal with Texas A&M that didn’t go through.  Though Peterson is not guilty of anything, it just makes you wonder.  Between that and his single digit wonderlic score why do people still place this cornerback as a top 3 “can’t miss” prospect?  What is so different between him and Cam Newton?

It is time to let Cam Newton’s past play out in the hands of those responsible for vetting Auburn University and focus on what really matters.


  1. sandra

    April 4, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    Peterson and Blaine have the same media loving agent, that’s why.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s disgusting how the media is treating this Cam. I guess he’s an easier target and Auburn isn’t putting enough money in ESPN’s pockets like the other scandal loving schools they’re protect.

    Remind me again where I can find the berating articles on Coach Tessel? Why wasn’t the media suspicious of him when he claimed he didn’t know what those five Ohio students were doing? Why weren’t they calling him a liar and a fraud they way they were with Cam and Auburn even thou Cam’s situation clearly seemed isolated to MSU cause the so called agent was an Alumi? Why weren’t they questioning Tessel’s integrity like they are the Auburn coaches? Why now that they know he was lying and was trying to handling the situation undercover while lying to the NCAA are they not taking him to task like they still are Auburn and Cam?

    IMO, it’s the media who are the frauds. They realize if they can use Cam as bait to keep the various college team rivarly going, they can get away with showing favoritism to those schools who wanted to see Auburn fall at any cost.

    They also continue to use Cam as bait cause they want their agent friend Tom Condon’s kid Blaine Gabbert to be drafted first QB, even though he’s not deserving of it. And, Cam is standing in his way. Gotta keep the track record going for Mr. Condon. Maybe it’s time for the media to look at themselves in the mirror but we all know they won’t.

    • dwash

      April 5, 2011 at 12:00 am

      Sandra I agree 100%! I remember when Reggie Bush was riding around in that custom Chevy Impala (that he was on the cover of DUB mag with) and Pete Carroll acted as if he had no idea what was going on. Then when everything went down and Pete got the hell out of dodge, he was rewarded with a million dollar NFL contract and Reggie took the fall from the media, and lost his Heisman he earned fair and square. It is just sad what they do these kids on top of making them sign over their likenesses so the school can continue to sell merchandise with them on it and not pay them!