How Did Tom Brady Last Until The 6th Round?

Updated: April 16, 2011

This is a question that many people are asking themselves after watching the “Brady 6” segment on ESPN.  Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback of this generation, ended up sliding past every single team in the NFL 5 times before hearing his name called in the 2000 NFL Draft.  Just how does this happen?

It happens all the time actually.  Teams outguess themselves.  Not just pro teams but collegiate teams.  Drew Henson was younger, taller, and stronger than Brady at Michigan and “looked the part” but wasn’t a good QB.  Brady simply won games and pundits like Mel Kiper said things like “he has no upside” on the next level.  It really is the world’s most expensive guessing game when you miss on these guys.

Guys like Vince Young and Kyle Orton simply win games (Kyle when he has a half decent running game… another post for another day…)  However, why are their teams are already looking for guys to replace them?  When did WINNING FOOTBALL GAMES become the most overlooked stat of a quarterback?  Spare me the Tebow hype when answering this question too; we all know he is getting a fair one. My focus is on those players that DON’T get a fair one.

Guys like Brady at Michigan.  Guys like Matt Flynn.  Guys like Colt McCoy.  All these guys did was win on the college level but tumble like a brick in the draft because they don’t have big hands or a huge arm.  Jamarcus Russell can throw the ball further than everyone, and he and I completed the same number of passes last year in the NFL.

To wrap this rant up, I’ll say this.  When we are nitpicking these guys to death one thing we have to take notice of is how do they lead their teams?  How does their teammates respond to them in the huddle?  How many close games do they win?  The answer to these questions should be put a lot higher on the totem pole than hand size, bench press, and 40 times.  At least in my opinion.