Carolina to Select Newton First Overall

Updated: April 26, 2011

All reports on ESPN are that the Carolina Panthers are set to draft the Heisman winner Cam Newton with the #1 overall pick.  The Panthers, with no 2nd round pick are apparently pressed to get a passer in this draft and it is believed that they will address that position with the #1 overall selection rather than wait later.

Is it the right pick? Probably not.  Not that Cam isn’t a great prospect, but he is no where near a polished product and Carolina drafted not one, not two, but three collegiate QBs last year.  So to solve their problem of not having a QB they draft a fourth? (YES, Armanti counts)  It really doesn’t make sense.  There are just too many question marks.  If you aren’t going to be a good team in 2011 anyways, why not take the highest rated guy on the board (Patrick Peterson or Marcel Dareus) and get a QB next year?

Who knows, maybe the Panthers will strike gold with “Cam Juice.”  Or maybe they will look back and say “we should have just taken Patrick Peterson.”

Written by D. Wash

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