Should Cam Newton Have Participated at the Combine?

Updated: March 1, 2011

A lot of debate is going on around Cam Newton’s average combine showing.  Pundits, bloggers, and commentators alike are debating whether or not Cam Newton hurt himself in the combine.

He ran pretty well, showed up in top shape, and tested in every physical drill either as well as expected, or slightly better.  The only issue Cam really had was the passing drill and his personal interview.  In the passing drill Cam went 11-21.  In that drill, Cam was working with receivers he did not know but still 11-21 is not good enough any way you cut it.  There is also word getting out that some scouts were rubbed the wrong way in his personal interviews.

I have always said this and I think we all need to be reminded of one huge thing when trying to evaluate Cam Newton.  He does not have nearly as much experience as it seems. The players that Cam is constantly compared to in Vince Young and Tim Tebow both had years of collegiate experience over Newton.  Cam only played one season in the FBS, yes winning everything, but you cannot ignore the fact that it was just one season “under the gun.”  You can get by on talent for one year. Those teams in the $EC had no idea what they were going up against as far as a Cam’s physical running ability.  He was able to catch a lot of teams early by surprise.

Not to knock him, but that is the situation.  Cam Newton is a player who played one season in Junior College, and just one season in the $EC.  That is who you are drafting.

Cam had nothing to lose by going to the combine.  He showed he will accept any challenge head on which is a great trait.  He will throw better at his private pro day.  But teams have to realize that they are evaluating a player that has largely been untested other than a couple close $EC games.  If you are a gambler, then by all means take him.  There is no ceiling with his talent but know that there is just as equal chance that he isn’t able to get by on physical talent alone in the league and craps out.