32 in 32: Who Will The Buffalo Bills Draft?

Updated: February 13, 2011

The Buffalo Bills are an interesting bunch.  I’ve called them the “hardest team to project in the draft” and with good reason.  We have seen them take Donte Whitner at #8 overall and not bat an eye.  We have seen them draft many, many, players in the first day that were probably taken too early and ended up in “bust” status.  Just this season Yahoo! Sports named former first rounder Aaron Maybin as football’s worst player.

So who will they go with this season? I believe it comes down to these three options in this order:

1. Cameron Newton QB Auburn

I am not riding the hype wave of Cam’s media workout in shorts and a T Shirt.  For many weeks now I have privately projected this pick and I am now going to go public with it.  I think the Bills are drafting Cam Newton.  Why?  Just last year they were enamored with Tim Tebow and apparently set to draft him in the second round but Denver traded up before that could happen.  Ironically, you can look at Cam Newton as the bigger, better, version of Tebow and one hell of a consolation prize for losing the TT Sweepstakes last year.

The Bills need a new “face of the franchise” to lead them into the next decade of pro football, and current starter Ryan Fitzpartick is a nice backup but not the quality of a passer you want for all 16 (or 18) games.  Cam Newton gives this franchise a jolt of electricity and brings them out the dark ages they’ve been in since Drew Bledsoe went to Dallas.

#2 Marcel Dareus DT Alabama

Dareus could be the third D lineman taken in a row if the Broncos go with Bowers and the Panthers grab Fairley.  Dareus is extremely versatile and playing next to Marcus Stroud will only make the transition easier for him.  The Bills need some sort of pass rush since Aaron Maybin isn’t doing it for them.

#3 Von Miller OLB Texas A&M

Yes, Von Miller could go this high.  The Super Bowl has shown the NFL that every team needs an elite pass rusher and everyone knows its a copycat league.  Teams that need a rusher like the Bills will be looking to grab that kind of game changer.  Who really cares about his weight or size, the kid can flat out rush the passer and that is something that cannot be taught.  Miller was all the talk down at the Senior Bowl and in many circles it is believed that he could go as high as #2 in this draft with no clear cut “cant miss” guys at the top of the board.


  1. ryan downie

    February 13, 2011 at 11:33 pm

    There is no denying the fact that the Bills have swung and missed with its first round picks the last decade. Here is some names for you…. J.P. Losman, John McCargo, Marshawn Lynch, Donte Whitner, Aaron Maybin, Mike Williams, Erik Flowers. All these guys were drafted with the intention of being cornerstones for the franchise. Heck, C.J. Spiller’s rookie season was miserable, and he was considered a cant miss talent. Is there some sort of curse going on in Buffalo? Why cant the team seem to hit on any of its first round picks? Well, if you want the truth to the matter, look no further then Buffalo’s V.P. of College Scouting, Tom Modrak. How can a guy that has messed up so badly on draft day still have a job? The Bills havent made the playoffs since Modrak came over from Philly. He was the guy that drafted Mamula….. Remember how that turned out?

    All that being said I cant imagine drafting a QB with the third pick. Now I like Cam. I think that he probably will be a good pro….. someday. I hope he succeeds, just like I hope Tebow succeeds. I just dont want my team to be the one that takes that chance on him. With all the duds that the Bills have drafted lately, I would feel perfectly comfortable with them taking the safest pick available. Patrick Peterson, Nick Fairley, and Marcell Dareus in my opinion fall into that category. All three appear to be legitimate NFL studs. Von Miller may also be an option but if they went that route I would hope they trade down to like 5-6 because they could use the extra picks. Taking Cam Newton is just too big of a risk for a team that cant afford to miss on first rounders anymore. Besides, Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 3000 yards and 23 TD’S….. in only 13 games. QB is not the issue. Now Ryan is not the long-term answer, but the team will not be competitive unless it shores up its run defense, which was an absolute joke. Any Jet fan that reads this will second that.
    I like Cam and I hope he does well……….. Just not for Buffalo.